TCKR E8x E9x Camber Plates

TCKR E8x E9x Camber Plates
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  • Manufacturer: TC Kline
  • Condition: New

TC Kline Racing E8X and E9X Adjustable Camber/Caster Plates - TCKR High-quality aluminum alloy, easy to adjust camber/caster plates are unlike anything else on the market! They work equally well with stock or aftermarket struts including Coil Over configurations without the need to purchase additional parts. In some* cases you can use our camber plates with stock springs or lowering springs such as H&R, Vogtland, or Eibach. Our camber plates assure you of significantly improved turn-in and will not harm ride comfort. They feature lightweight, durable, aluminum alloy construction, highly protective anodized coating and a spherical ball joint, (replaceable), and also offer crisper, quicker steering feel. We have incorporated a “load distribution ring” into the top of the camber plate to reduce stress on the sheet metal in the strut tower of the car.


Use with TCKR SA, DA or other Koni based coilovers with 60-65mm ID springs. 

35mm mounting bolts permit the use of additional BMW factory reinforcement plates and aftermarket strut braces. 

Here's the best part, they permit a 1.5 degree range of camber adjustment without losing track of your toe setting. So now you can optimize performance on both street and track. Adjustment only­ takes about 5 minutes per side.

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Price $489.00