TC KLINE RACING F22 F30 Single Double Adjustable Coilover

TC KLINE RACING F22 F30 Single Double Adjustable Coilover
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  • Manufacturer: TC Kline
  • Condition: New

The all new F22 F3X 2, 3 and 4 series have completely re-designed front strut and rear shock upper mounting design than any previous BMW.

The Koni based, TC Kline Racing struts and shocks are properly valved for the use on TC Kline VVS Alloy springs with rates from 300# to 400# in the front, and from 400# to 700# in the rear. On the development 228i, rates are 350# in the front, and 600# springs in the rear, for great street ride, and exceptional track performance. If you like a firm car, then we recommend 400# front and 700# rear - still very street-able, but with slightly reduced body roll.

Newly designed F2x Camber Plates are made with an anodized aluminum main plate, and stainless steel bearing housing, stress link mount and fasteners. This is not the cheapest way to make these parts, but TC Kline Racing in only interested in offering the best quality components possible. 

The camber adjustment holes offer aprox. ¾ degree camber change for each position, from the center, (stock), to 2 ¼ additional degrees adjustment. There is no provision for caster adjustment because the stress bar mount interferes with that possibility.

The rear upper mounts on the F2x no longer protrude into the interior of the trunk, so in order to have the ability to access the rear rebound adjuster, we have designed a rear mount which allows access to the top of the rear shock from the wheelhouse. Adjustment is done simply by raising the rear of the car until you can reach in over the tire to turn the supplied adjuster pins on the top of the shock.

This suspension kit includes the following components:

(2) 8740-1448LSPK9 - TC Kline/Koni Front Coilover Struts
(2) TCKFSXXX - TC Kline VVS Alloy Front Springs
(2) 8041-1026TCK - TC Kline/Koni Rear externally adjustable shocks
(2) TCKRSXXX.250.10 - TC Kline VVS Alloy Rear Springs
(1) TCKE90RSA - TC Kline Rear Ride Height Adjusters (pair)
(1) TCKF30StrutKit - Sleeves and mounts for F30 chassis struts and shocks
(1) TCKF30RUM12R - TC Kline F30 rear upper shock mount assembly (pair)
(1) TCKF30CamberPlate - TC Kline Racing F30 Camber plates (pair) 
(2) Koni Spanner Wrenches
(2) Koni Rebound Adjuster Knobs

*Camber plates are included with the kit and are required for installation.


Front spring rates 300# 400#

Rear spring rates 500# 600# 700#

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Price $2,922.20