Swift Thrust Bearings/Sheets

Swift Thrust Bearings/Sheets
  • Manufacturer: Swift
  • Condition: New

Thrust sheets provide a variety of benefits to coilover systems. As a spring becomes compressed the coils attempt to distribute the energy by unwinding. This is called twisted force. The unwinding makes the spring rate irregular. By allowing the spring to smoothly rotate around the perch during compression, the spring rate will return to normal. Thrust sheets also help dampening and rebound of struts too. Thrust sheet?s bearing action allowing the rotation of a spring allow the load on the spring to be more evenly Distributed which reduces lateral shock shaft load. Increased lateral load on shock shafts cause a reduction in the struts ability to rely on valves for dampening force.

Thrust sheets works with all brand of coilover system & springs as long as inside diameter matches. Each kit comes with 4 composite rings and 4 stainless steel sheets that will cover 2 coilover springs.

Thrust sheets available in 60, 65, and 70mm. One kit is for two springs. You will need two kits per vehicle.



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