Swift F8x M3 M4 Spec-R Sport Spring

Swift F8x M3 M4 Spec-R Sport Spring
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  • Manufacturer: Swift
  • Condition: New

Swift made Sport Springs Spec-R is made for true track racing enthusiasts that wants to take their vehicle to the next level.
Sport Springs Spec-R is engineered with 2 main characteristics.

1 Redesign lowering ride height to maximize the suspension performance allowing the vehicle to fully absorb road condition for maximum traction.

2 Increase in spring rate to further enhance cornering speed through entry & exit. The increase in spring rate is based on the vehicle factory stock valving settings. Sport Springs Spec-R is increase to the optimal rate that the stock shocks can handle. Higher performance shocks are not required, but recommended.

Spec R springs are wound with the same engineering as our sports springs. With the exception of stiffer rates and slight change in ride height; you can expect the same characteristics as our sports springs.

Motorsport's most advanced spring material

Swift made a name for itself on the tracks of Asia, Europe, and U.S. by defying all accepted concepts and speculations about the future, if any, in coil spring science.
When many other company were looking at expensive and brittle titanium composites to create the next evolution of springs, Swift was looking at reinventing the entire science of coil spring dynamics. Swift saw that most others are using the old regular silicon chrome material, which was not strong enough. It used a heat tempering method that damaged the strength of the material that requiring more coils, in turn, more weight.
The material was also suffering from a short life span. With springs like this leading the industries, Swift saw room for improvement.

Swift's R & D team created material, called H5S.TW, which is stronger then regular silicon chrome material. Because of this material, we could make the spring wire thinner, and could wind the springs with fewer coils, which greatly decreased weight while dramatically increasing available stroke.

HP Autosport, Inc. received the first set for testing State side. 


M3 4X908R

M4 4X909R

For comparison:

185 lb/in Stock M3/4 Front Springs
575 lb/in Stock M3/4 Rear Springs

268 lb/in M3 Swift Spec-R Front Springs
715 lb/in M3 Swift Spec-R Rear Springs

279 lb/in M4 Swift Spec-R Front Springs
726 lb/in M4 Swift Spec-R Rear Springs


Front rates increase of just over 50%

Rear rates increase of just over 25%

M3 lowering is 1" or 25mm up front and .4" or 10mm for the rear. 

M4 lowering is 1.1" or 28mm up fron tand 0.9" or 23 mm for the rear.


***One M4 springs in stock. Next batch due at the end of July***




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