SleK Design F10 M5 Carbon Fiber Front Lip

SleK Design F10 M5 Carbon Fiber Front Lip
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  • Manufacturer: SLeK
  • Condition: New

Slek Deisgn Carbon Fiber Front Lip for BMW F10 M5


SleK makes all of their carbon using VARTM. They use a carbon fiber honey
comb matrix to give it the strength and durability. After the product is infused, they then bring it to life by cutting, sanding, and clear coating the product.

“At SleK, we make some of the most amazing carbon fiber pieces on the market.  Our molded pieces provide features and detailing you will not find anywhere else.  We can build any tooling required from full on liquid cooled CNC aluminum molds, closed molds or open molds. Our tooling is certified for use from up to 450 °F, which meet and exceeds aerospace autoclave specifications. Using Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM) and our special carbon honeycomb Matrix, it provides customers with the insurance that there parts will always have perfect fitment, durability, strengthens and stiffness. 

After the part is release from the mold, we cut it, sand it, and prep it to apply several layers of clear coat. The molded pieces are often incredibly light but very strong. SleK takes pride in our quality products MADE IN THE USA! Every SleK part is produced in-house in our facility using the most up to date tooling technology and our own proprietary processes. SleK uses MIL spec carbon fiber and certified carbon fiber exclusively from Hexcel. Only use raw materials from the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, UK, Italy and Australia.  SleK is not just an automotive aftermarket company, but a true OE manufacturer with full production capabilities.” 


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