F2x F3x Adjustable Camber Plates by TC Kline Racing

F2x F3x Adjustable Camber Plates by TC Kline Racing
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  • Manufacturer: TC Kline
  • Condition: New

The all new F2x F3x None M  has completely re-designed front strut mounting design than any previous BMW.

The New F2x F3x Camber Plates are made with an anodized aluminum main plate, and stainless steel bearing housing, stress link mount and fasteners.  This is not the cheapest way to make these parts, but TC Kline Racing in only interested in offering the best quality components possible. 

 The camber adjustment holes offer aprox. ¾ degree camber change for each position, from the center, (stock), to 2 ¼ additional degrees adjustment. 


These camber plates are designed to work with TC Kline Racing coil-over suspension, stock suspension use OEM or Sport type springs(OEM thrust bearing must be transferred over to the new plates) and any coilovers using stock upper strut mounts.

EDC compatible.



F2x 228i M235i

F3x 320i 328i 335i 420i 428i 435i


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