CTEK US 800 Battery Charger

CTEK US 800 Battery Charger
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  • Manufacturer: CTEK
  • Condition: New

Charges and Maintains

The US 800, a recent addition to the CTEK family of "the smartest battery chargers in the worldTM, easily charges all smaller 12V lead-acid batteries, making it perfect for motorcycles, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, ATVs, lawn tractors and other seasonal vehicles. Designed to be an economical charger for providing battery maintenance, the US 800 is a wise choice as well for vintage cars or other automobiles not in regular use.

Using Switch Mode Technology, the US 800 employs a 4-cycle, intelligent process for ideal battery maintenance.

Switch Mode "Intelligent" Technology


      Recovers or "wakes" a sulfated or under-charged battery.

Bulk Charge:

      Begins charging at 0.8A.


      Applies peak charge at 14.4V until fully charged.


    Sends out current pulses for charge maintenance.


Unlike most other battery chargers, the CTEK US 800 is virtually foolproof. With a patented protection system guarding against sparks, short circuits and reverse polarity, the US 800 eliminates any worry or fear about connecting the charger to the battery. The charger is approved for outdoor use, no matter the weather conditions.

Three step, fully automatic (IoUoUp) switch mode battery charger for all 12V lead-acid batteries, 1.2-32Ah. Maintenance charge 1.2-100Ah

Features and Benefits

  • Three step, fully automatic switch mode model
  • Charges lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, Gel and AGM) from 1.2Ah to 32Ah, 1.2-100Ah maintenance charging
  • Maintenance pulse charging increases battery life and gives superb performance
  • Charges even drained batteries
  • Pulse recover of slightly sulphated batteries
  • Low back current drain, low ripple and input voltage independent (85-125V)
  • High efficiency: 85%
  • Delivered with two interchangeable connection leads, one with clamps, and one with eyelet terminals
  • The charger can be connected for months, ideal for seasonal vehicles
  • Compact design with mounting holes for permanent assembly
  • 2 year warranty
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Price $50.00